- Set a goal, e.g. get fit for summer 2017. 

- Write down how you're feeling after every workout and then when you have no motivation, just go back and read what you wrote on how you felt(which hopefully was a good feeling). I know that I always feel great after working out, so that is my own motivation

- Have variety, one day you can go for a run and the next day you can go to the gym. I know that I can get easily bored if I do the same things over and over again, that is why I workout both at home and at the gym. 

- Workout with a friend or someone who will cheer you on. If I go on a run with my friend, there is a smaller chance that I will stop than if I'm alone, it is easier to give up when you're alone than if you have someone next to you that keeps on motivating you. 

- Take pictures of your process, have pictures that you can look back on and be like "damnn I've come far"

- Never compare yourself with other's!! We are all different.

- Listen to motivational speeches, I usually do it when I go running

Today at the gym 4 January

Today I did a workout on a stationery bike. What it does is that it builds your endurance with a lower-intensity but longer-lasting workout. 

I did a workout that lasted for about 45 minutes:

- I started of by doing the Manuel program that you can see down below in the picture, I did that for about 5 minutes.

- After that I did the Brûlage Des Graisses for 30 minutes

- And the last ten minutes I did Intervalles.

After that I took a yoga mat and did some ab exercises, I basically did the same exercises that you can find in a previous post:)

The last thing that I did in the gym was stretching, Read here why stretching is important

Sorry about the quality:/

My favorite Kettlebell Exercises

1. The swing


Targets: Shoulders, back, hips, glutes, legs

The swing is one of the most powerful kettlebell movements because it represents full-body power. This exercise might look easy but often people do it incorrectly. It takes time, practice and coaching to do it perfectly, but when you learn it properly it will pay off. 

2. Two-arm kettlebell row


Targets: Back, arms, shoulders


3. Kettlebell goblet squat


Targets: Legs, glutes, back

4. Kettlebell lunge press

Targets: Shoulders, arms, back, abs, glutes, legs

5 .Kettlebell russian twist

Targets: Abs, obliques

6.Two-arm kettlebell military press

Targets: Shoulders, arms, back


Workout apps


1. SWORKIT //  

2. SEVEN // 



1. SWORKIT is like your own personal trainer. You can choose what part of your body you want to work out by choosing from over 20 pre-built workouts or then you can create your own workout. You can also choose the length of your workout, 5 minutes? 10,15? And then you have video instructions and audio cues that takes you through the workouts.  I really like this app!!

2. SEVEN  is a 7 minute workout training challenge that I recommend to people who are just getting started with working out. The best thing is that you won't need more than a chair, a wall, and your own body weight, to accomplish a daily physical workout.

3.The nike running app is all you need to run better and more often. I really like this app because it has a GPS that is tracking details of your run, you can see exactly how far you ran and where you ran. This app also records pace, elevation, heart rate and mile splits. This app also provides a customised coaching plan that fits your goal and adapts to your progress.



HIIT workout along the river

A while ago me and Himani did a HIIT workout along the river. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and is based on alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. This workout is awesome because 15 minutes is enough, if you only have a limited time for your workout, this is perfect. 

When you start the HIIT workout it's very important to warm up your body. This is especially important when doing a high intensity workout,  without warming up you can injure yourself. Me and Himani met at the Eiffel tower and we walked there from home(for me it's about 1,5km) and I also had to power walk there because I was late,  so basically that was our warmup. 

We used this app for this workout and I really recommend it. 


Good motivation


I really really recommend this YouTube channel!! I've watched their videos for years and I love them. You can also check out one of the coaches own YouTube channel Here, she also has great videos. 

What I like about these videos is that the coaches are doing the workouts with you and they keep on motivating you during the workout. I also like that they have plenty of different workouts for example 5, 7, 10 minute ab workouts and that in most of the workouts  you only need a yoga mat. 

Sale sale sale



If you have been looking for some nice workout clothes or equipment now is the right time to do some shopping.

Now when sales have started you can get some really good deals, unfortunately the products on the poster are not on sale.


Also sorry for not posting for a while ://

Workout at home


Today we had PE in school so I decided not to go to the gym, but instead I did a workout at home. This workout took about 45 minutes and  after I strecthed abit so that I won't be sore tomorrow. If you're wondering about any excercises just ask in the comments or then you can google them to get more instructions. 



- 1 minute plank

- Basic crunches x 25

- Lying side crunch x15 each side

- Russian twist x 30

30 Seconds straight arm plank knee crunch outside knee

- Mountain climbers x 30, slowly

- Scissors x 25

- Bicycle kicks x 25

- Leg lifts x 30

- Skateboard plank x 15 (I used my penny board for this)




- 1 minute normal up&down hip lifts

- 1 minute stay up hip lifts

- 1 minute hip lifts where you put your knees together

- 1 minute on each leg fire hydrants(big)

- 1 minute on each leg fire hydrants(small)

- 1 minute on each leg cross over kick back

- Bent side - leg lifts x 25 each leg ( I also used a resistance band)

- Jump squats 2 x10

- Balancing squat x15 each leg

- 40, 30, 20  seconds static squat, between each round I had a 10 seconds break to shake my legs a bit

Good workout equipment at home

1. Ab roller // 2. Balance pillow // 3. Resistance band





How to use the ab roller

If you use the ab roller right you will for sure make your abs burn. I got the ab roller for christmas last year and I have used it ever since. I really like this equipment because you can see good results quite fast. 

I also really like the balance pillow, initially I bought this pillow because I had a knee problem and balancing on it would help my knee muscles to get stronger and give support. If you go on YouTube and search balance pillow workouts you will get many ideas on different exercises.

The last equipment is the resistance band, I love it because you can make many easy exercises more difficult. In a few posts back(pyramid workouts) I talked about donkey kicks, when you do donkey kicks you can use the resistance band to get more effect. On YouTube you can find many different exercises using the resistance band. 

Training options at my gym

The gym I go to is called Aquaboulevard, there is also a Waterpark that you can go to if you have a gymcard. 


What I decide to do at the gym depends a lot on the day. Sometimes I go to one of the classes and then afterwards I do some of my own exercises on a yoga mat. Most of these classes are one hour long and after 30 minutes we usually have a water break, so if you only want a quick warmup you can leave after 30 minutes.

One of my favorite classes is the ABDOS CUISSES FESSIERS. In this class you focus on your abs, thighs and butt muscles and it's 45 minutes long. Before this class I usually go for a 20 minute run on the treadmill to get my pulse up. 

In the picture below you can see the classes that they have in my gym.

Workout playlist atm


My workout playlist changes a lot, so this is more like this weeks workout playlist. When I run I like to listen to old music and songs that makes me want to run faster, I never listen to slow music while running and I usually listen to rap music when I do strength workouts. 



Put That On My Set  – A$AP Mob

Eleven 11: / 11 – Rob Curly

Do You Mind – Dj Khaled

Gone – Afrojack

Fm$  – New Boyz

What We Started - Steve Aoki x Lush & Don Diablo & Simon

Calabria 2007 (radio mix) – Enur

Love Me Now – John Legend

Crazy Brazy – A$AP Mob

Back Again –  IloveMakonnen

Don’t Hurt Me – DJ Mustard

Gas Pedal – Sage The Gemini

Now and Later – Sage The Gemini

Sexy Love – Ne-Yo

Where is the love – The Black Eyed Peas

Bam Bam – Sister Nancy

My way – Calvin Harris

Stronger – Kanye West

Win some, Lose some – Big Sean

All night – The Vamps

24K Magic – Bruno Mars

It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

Messin’ Around – Pitbull


Freakalator – Soundmaster T

Higher Place – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Ooh Ahh(my life be like) – Grits

Be real – Kid Ink

Partition – Beyoncé


 Here is a link to top 100 workout songs by fitness magazine if you want more good songs.  



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Gym fashion

This post is mostly for girls

Link to see where all the clothes are from


These days at the gym it's all about how you look when you workout and people say that if you have nice workout clothes it will get you motivated. I think this is true, if I wear good looking gym clothes I feel more professional and not so clumsy. At the moment it's all about bright colors at the gym and I think that the shorts above look fresh and comfortable. I also prefer loose shorts rather than tight shorts because tight shorts tend to go up while running for example. These days a lot of stores sell cheap gym clothes, e.g. H&M, Forever 21 and Zara. If you want to spend more money on your workout clothes I recommend New Balance, Nike, Adidas etc. If you want bright colors and you are ready to spend money I also really recommend Adidas by Stella McCartney, this collection has really good material in their clothes and the clothes also look fresh and fashionable. 

In future posts I will show you cheap vs expensive workout clothes and I might start a series were I  show gym outfits under 20€,30€,40€ etc. 

See you soon,



Rest day


When you start working out it’s also important to rest, for example if you workout four days in a row you should have the fifth day as a rest day and then you continue the same thing.


-Rest days are as important as workout days, your body needs days off.

-If you don’t remember to rest, your muscles will suffer of overuse, which can lead to injuries.

-If you don’t rest you will also not get the benefit of training, your immune system needs time to grow and repair muscles.

A lot of things can influence on how much recovery you’ll need : age, intensity level of your workouts, the amount of working out you do and then your experience. If you suddenly start working out a lot the amount of rest days can be different from someone who has done it for a while. 



Pyramid workouts

These are called pyramid workouts. You can choose at least two of these "pyramids" and then do all the exercises x 3. Between each round you can have a little rest (30 seconds) if you want to. If you scroll down you will see pictures of some exercises to guide you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


Pyramid 1

- jumping jacks x 40

- burpees x 10 

- jumprope x 100

You do this workout x 3


Pyramid 2 

- abdominal crunches x 25

- bicycle twist x 25

- full sit ups x 25


Pyramid 3

- Alternate lunges x15 both legs

- Hip raises 1 minute

- Donkey kicks x 25


Pyramid 4

- Alternating superman x 25 (back workout, you lay down on your stomach and pull up your left leg and right arm at the same time and then the opposite)

-  push-ups x 10

- burpees x 10



Donkey kicks

Picture 1


Hip raises

Picture 2



First blogpost

Hi, my name is Charlotta and welcome to my fitness blog.

In this blog you can read about fitness, health and also a little bit about fashion! Hopefully this blog will give you the motivation you need to start or continue working out. 

I'll also try to use this page as my own fitness diary; I will include pictures of my own workouts and also my opinions on specific exercises. 

My main priority with this blog is to show easy and simple ways to workout inside and outside the gym. I've never owned a gym card until recently, so I have many years of experience with working out outside the gym. You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to stay fit and healthy, all you need is a comfortable and supporting platform, a yoga mat for example.  

This blog is a part of my personal project for school. 


Until next time,